What to expect from your first appointment

If you’re getting ready for your first visit to The Physio Clinic, you might be wondering what to expect from your time here and from your treatment. We’ve outlined the process all new patients undergo when they arrive, to help you feel more prepared and relaxed about your visit to our clinic. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing, preferably bring shorts and a t-shirt/vest top as the physiotherapist will need to expose your injury site.


Arrive early

You need to fill out a patient registration form, informed consent form and medical health questionnaire upon arrival, so it’s a good idea to arrive 10-15 minutes early for your first appointment.

Meet and greet

Your physiotherapist will come to collect you from the waiting area and will show you to your private treatment room. Friends and relatives are also welcome into treatment rooms. We do provide a chaperone service if you would like somebody to accompany you.

Initial consultation

Your physiotherapist will discuss your condition or injury and ask a number of questions to gain a better understanding prior to a physical assessment.

Physical assessment

Your physiotherapist will undertake a physical assessment which depending on your injury or condition may include some or all of the following:
- observation of posture and/or gait
- joint range of motion
- muscle length
- muscle strength
- special tests for different joints and nerves
- palpation of bones and other structures

Diagnosis and treatment

You will be provided with a working diagnosis, whereby your physiotherapist will explain this in simple language. You will then be treated. The treatments selected will be based on clinical evidence and may include the following:
- manual physiotherapy
- electrotherapy
- exercise therapy
- stretching
- acupuncture (dry needling)
- muscle stimulation

Advice and aftercare

At the end of your session, you will be provided with care advice and have the opportunity to ask questions. If you are prescribed a home exercise programme, this will be emailed to you within 24 hours via our mobile App.

We want your visit to be smooth and relaxing, so your treatment is as effective as possible. We hope you now feel prepared and ready to come and see us!

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